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Questions and Answers

ELC uses the Coulomb’s law. Oil flows around multiple pairs of electrodes with potential difference. suitably shaped inserts – collectors – are placed between the electrodes, where the particles are captured by of electrostatic forces. The collectors are easily replaceable, their capacity is high, up to kilograms.
In the process of oxidation (and thermooxidation), acidic products are formed, which determine formation of other compounds. Sediments (even resins) are formed, causing aggravated operation or even seizure of hydraulic components, reducing life of sealing („sandpaper effect“).
Unless it is necessary to supplement the loss caused by oil spills, in many cases oil change is not required. Additives remaining in oil are not eliminated so quickly, when maintaining high oil cleanness . It is just sufficient to perform oil analyzes and know their running status. Experts have found out that preserving mechanical and lubricating oil qualities depends on regular separation of foreign substances. Most ELC users do not change oil and their machines work seamlesssly.
Generally speaking oil should contain less water than 200 mg/kg (0,02%, 200 ppm), in order to protect machines and oil systems against corrosion and cavitation damage. For oils with water content (even above 20%), the KLEENTEK company has developed devices for separating water – dehydrators (DH), which are able to reduce water content to a safe level, without limiting the machine operation. DH devices are used to separate free and bound water, as well as cutting fluids. DH devices can be used separately before cleaning, in series with the ELC device or or as a compact, installed DH + ELC.
It does not. ELC devices do not eliminate additives. Everybody can test it in own production and with own oils.
Thanks to their principle, the ELC devices remove from oil particles of all types and sizes up to below 1 micron.

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